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How to Troubleshoot AOL Mail Not Working on Outlook?


Are you looking for any resolutions to resolve AOL email not working on Outlook? Well, then, you’re in the right place. Coming to your issue, there‘re several reasons to complain: why is my AOL mail not receiving emails or working on Outlook?

If you‘re unsure about how to troubleshoot AOL mail not working, here, you will get the possible reasons as well as the troubleshooting steps to fix such an issue.

Possible Reasons to Complain AOL Mail Not Working or Showing Error

  • Using an Outdated AOL email settings.
  • The automatic setup failed.
  • Outlook keeps asking for a password.
  • AOL mail not receiving emails on Outlook.
  • Outdated Outlook program.

Guide to Troubleshoot AOL Mail Not working on Outlook

Step 1: If you’re too complaining over the issue or annoyed over the AOL mail error code, the first thing you must do is to update the Outlook email settings on Outlook.

Step 2: If Outlook can’t find settings for your email account or you receive an error during set up, you should setup your account manually with the exact configuration.

Step 3: No more emails from AOL on Outlook? Look for the Working Offline at the bottom of the Outlook window and if you see the text, choose the Send/Receive tab located at the top of the screen, then select the Work Offline button to disable the offline mode.

Step 4: Check the internet connection as well.

Step 5: Keep looking at the version of Outlook you’re using. If any update is needed, do it.

Step 6: Try setting up your AOL mail account on Outlook once again and this time, check all the configuration settings – both incoming and outgoing server settings.

Step 7: If you’re associated with the AOL temporary errors, you need to wait for some time as they can be eliminated when the server signals OK.

What Must You Do If You Find Any Other Issues in AOL Email Setup?

If you find any other issues, for example, AOL Mail Blerk error 1 or complaining over AOL mail not working on iPhone, feel free to connect with our technical expert team right away.

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